Mail me your best business offer

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My mail: David skaufjord at gmail dot com. Crack that, spambots.

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2 thoughts on “Mail me your best business offer

  1. you haven’t posted since 2013,how are you?

    When I find someone who impressed me and then Google who they’re (Jeffrey rush/Clint Eastwood/Judith Weston),all kind of old people,i became very afraid that before I figured out what to do in my career they all would be gone,so I wouldn’t be able to ask them some burning questions.

    I’m glad you’re a youngster(don’t google you though),but still worried about you.
    thank you for the scriptwriting posts,I love them(after reading Robert McKee and so on I think you’re scriptgod).hi from an actress,pardon my bad English.

    • Hi! I don’t post at all when I’m working – when I’m posting a lot, it means I’m not writing TV or movies. So that’s when you should be worried… 😉

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